Ecological and Geological Local Sites

Bridge over riverEcological Local Sites

West Yorkshire is currently going through a process of merging 2nd and 3rd tier local sites into a single Local Wildlife Site (LWS) designation.

The West Yorkshire Local Wildlife Site summary citations lists those sites which have been formally designated by the Local Sites Partnership. Local sites partnership meetings are once every six months to update the list of local wildlife and local geological sites. Please contact WYES to get the most up to date summary citations. Sites were last updated on the 23rd March 2017.

Public rights of way disclaimer

The designation of a site as a Local Wildlife Site does not provide any right of public access other than that afforded to the public by the existing network of public footpaths.

Geological Local Sites

The Geological Local sites document describes the process for identifying and gaining recognition for sites of geological and geomorphological value in West Yorkshire. The selection process described will ensure recognition of sites: they may then be afforded protection through the planning system and be targeted with grants and other resources to assist their conservation and management.

Request Data 

If you would like to request data, please complete the data request form available below and send it to us via email or post and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Data Request Form West Yorkshire Local Wildlife Site Selection Criteria Guidelines for the Identification and Selection of Local Geological Sites in West Yorkshire

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