Analytical Services

Our accredited testing services cover food and drink, asbestos, toxicology, industrial and environmental work.

We provide a wide range of analytical testing services to local authorities and business from across the UK including:

  • Food and drink testing for compositional and nutritional content, food labelling, dairy products, tainted products, allergen and mycotoxin testing and food authenticity verification.
  • Toxicology analysis and expert witness to the Coroner, providing information on alcohol, drug and solvent levels in post-mortem and other clinical specimens as well as advice and expert opinion to private consultancy firms, product developers and individuals including analysis of e-liquids (vapours), gymnasium supplements and psychoactive new substances (legal highs).
  • Asbestos Testing, encompassing bulk identification and airborne fibre monitoring.
  • Industrial and environmental analysis services such as asbestos testing, a range of environmental testing services and pollution monitoring.


Benefits of West Yorkshire Analytical Services

  • Fully validated laboratory methods accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 (Laboratory ID number 1696)
  • Accredited to ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems
  • A range of high quality products allowing fast results
  • Quality and performance are principal throughout all processes¬†